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GblogGeeksforGeeks Job-A-Thon Exclusive – Hiring Challenge For Amazon Alexa
Getting a job in Product Based Companies is a dream come true for everyone and when we talk about Amazon, every one of us wants… Read More
The term “Memoization” comes from the Latin word “memorandum” (to remember), which is commonly shortened to “memo” in American English, and which means “to transform… Read More
Although there are numerous programming languages available in the market to work upon, but C++ has never lost its charm since its inception and still… Read More
You are applying for a lot of jobs, but all your efforts seem worthless. You wonder why other software engineers with the same educational background… Read More
Programming is a demanding position. You’re required to be skilled in a variety of computer languages as well as to identify the cause of technical… Read More
I applied for Qualcomm for a software role on their career portal. They conducted a total of 4 rounds of virtual interviews. It was a… Read More
I appeared for Codevita Season 10 during 3rd year. It is a 24-hour online programming contest open for students from the batch of 2021 to… Read More
I contacted Adobe recruiters through LinkedIn. I have interviewed for the Member of Technical Staff 1 role. I was having experience of 1 year in… Read More
Tally Solutions visited our campus in online Placement Drive on 11 May 2022 Online Coding Round: There were different sets of questions. I don’t remember… Read More
Tailwind CSS is a free and open-source, utility-first CSS framework used for building custom user interfaces rapidly. Tailwind is highly customizable and using it on… Read More
Education: Fresher 2022 pass out.Experience: 2+ years of Internship experience at MNCs and Startups. Both as Android + Backend developers. Currently interning at unicorn startup.… Read More
ROUND 1(Online assessment test): This is an objective test containing aptitude, logical reasoning, oops, OS, pseudo-code &  SQL sections, etc. Totally 60 questions are divided… Read More
End devices are the source and destination devices, which are used for data sent over any internet network. In order to determine one end device… Read More
DHCP is an Internet control protocol used to assign an IP address to any appliance, or node, on an internet network so they can transmit… Read More
Pre-requisite: Introduction of Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM) VLSM is a Variable Length Subnet Mask in which the subnet design uses more than one mask… Read More
Pre-Requisite: Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is an active routing protocol that operates hop count as a routing metric to find the… Read More

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